Refund & Cancellation Policy

Effective Februrary 16, 2017

The Talk Fusion Refund Policy

If any User is unsatisfied with their initial purchase of Products and Services, Talk Fusion offers a 100% ten (10) day refund period (unless otherwise required by law) from the date of purchase (this also includes Alaska residents, who typically have five business days; residents of North Dakota age 65 and over have 15 business days.)


User agrees that Talk Fusion, at its sole discretion, may remove and discard any content within the Products and Services, for any reason or if Talk Fusion believes that User has violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the Terms of Service. User agrees that any termination of his or her access to Talk Fusion for violation of these Terms of Service may be effected without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that Talk Fusion may immediately deactivate or delete his or her account and all related information and files in his or her account and/or bar any further access to such files. Further, User agrees that Talk Fusion shall not be liable to User or any third-party for any termination of its access to the Products and Services.

Recurring Billing/Pre-Paid/Paid-in-Full Option

There is a monthly recurring fee for the Products and Services, in all countries. Please note that Talk Fusion will automatically charge the monthly plan fee to the credit card authorized by User to pay their monthly plan fees for the Products and Services. Associates and Customers may change their method of monthly payment to an alternate credit card or PAYLUTION® E-Wallet Account (Associates only) via the Billing section of their Dashboard.

User is required to give Talk Fusion a written notice at least 5 days prior to the monthly anniversary date to cancel account and avoid automated billing. All cancellation notices must be emailed to or by submitting written notice by facsimile or certified mail to Talk Fusion. The Cancellation request must include the Talk Fusion ID number of the account that is being cancelled. If you are paying for more than one account on your credit card, you must list every individual account that you want cancelled. User agrees that submitting a notice of cancellation by telephone is an unacceptable form of submitting notice of cancellation to Talk Fusion and that Products and Services charges may continue to apply until Talk Fusion has received the proper notice.

When your service is cancelled, access to your Dashboard will immediately be restricted. Please note that all of your stored videos and email addresses will be deleted from the Talk Fusion system. Any Video Emails or Video Newsletters that had been sent out before cancellation will be inactivated and will not be able to be viewed by their intended recipients.

PLEASE NOTE: Associates and Customers may choose an annual Pre-Paid/Paid-in-Full payment option and save up to 20% over the monthly plan price. The Pre-Paid/Paid-in-Full payment may not be cancelled or the amount refunded, unless purchased along with a Product Package and cancelled ten business days from the date of purchase.